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To leave a legacy to one’s children, relatives or friends is the right of every individual: to do so, the Law establishes specific succession rules.

There are two types of succession: the testamentary one, regulated by a will, and the legal one, regulated solely by law.

The law regulates all operating options both to ensure that everyone’s will is respected after their death, and to renounce and accept an inheritance and gain possession thereof.
Notary Public Pia Moccia offers her expertise in the management of your assets in view of your future succession and provides advice in the drawing up of wills, choosing the instrument that offers maximum certainty, namely a public will.

Moccia Notary’s Office also helps heirs comply with all succession obligations and procedures.
The expertise of a Notary Public in a delicate field like that of inheritance, allows you to make the decisions that are most suited to your needs.
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