Home Buying

A home is a fundamental asset for everyone: its purchase or sale may be dictated by different reasons, yet these steps are always an important moment in everyone’s life.


For this reason, the corresponding contracts should be drawn up by an impartial and expert Public Official: a Notary Public assumes an impartial and independent position with respect to both the seller and the buyer and ensures the certainty of law.


Moccia Notary’s Officedeals, inter alia, with home-related deeds and documents, from real estate purchases to sales, making sure these are drawn up in accordance with the law.

The role of a Notary Public, in fact, is decisive in relation to many property contracts and documents.

Purchase and sale of real estate
A Notary Public is usually referred to in these cases both to ensure that everything is in accordance with the law and to obtain a final, accurate, complete and long-lasting result.

The Notary Public draws up the contract after examining the parties’ intention, collecting all useful information and carrying out all necessary checks for the successful outcome of the conveyance.

In case of the purchase and sale of property, the deed must specify its price and payment conditions. Mortgages, seizures and liens on the property must be cancelled before or at the time of the conveyance. The seller must pay all condominium costs by the date of the sale.

In case of first-time homebuyers, the Notary Public can indicate the conditions for any tax relief.

It is the Notary Public who reads the contract out to the parties, all of whom may not be present simultaneously at the meeting: indeed, the contractors may be present at separate times or by proxy; the Notary Public (who will always be present) will assess the need, opportunity and legal feasibility of this option.

The parties’ signatures and those of any witnesses, together with that of the Notary Public, represent the final confirmation of the conveyance, the moment you will remember forever.

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Exchange of real estate
An exchange is a transaction whereby two parties exchange goods, usually real estate.

The documents, charges and tax allowances are the same as those of a conveyance, but the registry tax is paid only on one of the buildings. The Notary Public will guide you in your specific case.

Separation of immovable property
A separation of property is an operation whereby two or more co-owners of goods, usually real estate, dissolve a community of property arrangement and assign some or all of the goods to themselves on an exclusive basis.

In case of a separation of property, they may decide to assign to themselves a specific asset on an exclusive basis so that they can freely dispose of it as they think fit.

Notary Public Pia Moccia can assist you in this respect, adequately advising you also on the costs of this process after carefully examining the relevant documents.

Donation of real estate
A donation of real estate usually happens between relatives, though may also occur between people who are not related to each other; for instance, an elderly person may wish to grant a benefit to the person taking care of him/her, donating his/her property thereto.

A donation, albeit a fiscally facilitated operation, is open to the risk of future challenges. This is why it is advisable to contact an expert in the field before taking any step.

Moccia Notary’s Office will help you understand whether and when a donation is the right option to achieve your objectives.


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