Notary’s Office

Since 2006, Moccia Notary’s Office has been offering utmost reliability, expertise, confidentiality and efficiency in relation to all contractual, corporate, family, inheritance, tax issues, taking care of all corresponding formalities in Public Registries.

From the management and organisation of corporate procedures to the settlement of family issues, up to the supply of advice and the drawing up of deeds and documents, Moccia Notary’s Office always protects the interests of its clients: find more about all our services!


Moccia Notary’s Office has two offices, in Impruneta and in the south of Florence, where our staff are always at your disposal.


In fact, our staff are highly qualified professionals who can meet all your requests and needs, acting under the expert guidance of Notary Public Pia Moccia.

We use the latest technology to ensure also prompt long-distance communications, answers and appointments.

In addition, Moccia Notary’s Office is available to supply its professional services also at the client’s home if the latter is unable to visit our office, in the areas of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.

It should be remembered that a Notary Public is a public official who assists the parties in pursuing their objectives through a fair, legitimate, valid and long-lasting balancing of their interests, without having to go to Court!

If you are looking for a Notary Public in Florence, Pistoia and Prato, contact Moccia Notary’s Office!

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