Advice and Deeds

A Notary Public is a Public Official as s/he is assigned public functions by the State: a Notary Public is entitled to draw up a notary’s deed, namely a formal document that proves legal facts or acts which take place before him/her or which are executed thereby.
The deed has full legal value as it can be assimilated to a public deed according to article 2699 of the Italian Civil Code.


Precisely because of the importance of the Notary Public’s role and the powers entrusted thereto, the Notary Public can play a decisive role when choosing the type of action to take: indeed, every situation is unique and should be treated differently.
There follows the importance of the advice given by the Notary Public prior to the drawing up of a notary’s deed.


Moccia Notary’s Office offers advice with utmost professionalism to all its clients, in every phase of the process.
Moreover, the first consultation is offered for free!


Moccia Notary’s Office draws up notary’s deeds in all fundamental fields: corporate deeds (establishment of companies, amendments to Bylaws, demergers, mergers and corporate transformations, dissolutions and liquidations, takeovers, sales of shares, rentals and sales of companies or business branches); property-related deeds (execution and cancellation of loans; execution and cancellation of mortgages; procedures for first-time homebuyers; chamber of commerce/cadastral/mortgage inspections; deeds of sale); private deeds (authentication of deeds and private documents, issue of notary’s certifications, succession and inheritance procedures, will-related procedures, prenuptial agreements, separation of property, adoption procedures).

Moccia Notary’s Office does not only take care of drawing up notary’s deeds, but also ensures the proper storage and preservation of the documents drawn up by itself, in its capacity of guarantor of the agreements concluded between the two parties.

The law gives the Notary Public also the power to file petitions. Notary Public Moccia
takes care of filing voluntary jurisdiction petitions.

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