Private Persons

There are times in your life which you will never forget: your wedding day; the day when you signed the contract to buy a house; a bequest.

These moments, if poorly managed in legal and bureaucratic terms, can become a nightmare that can affect your serenity and financial conditions for years.

This is why it is important to turn to an expert who can assess whether what you are doing is in accordance with the law and, above all, whether you are acting in your own interest.

Moccia Notary’s Office in Florence and Impruneta has been offering for years advice and assistance to its clients for any type of activities: from advice and assistance on cohabitation contracts to the drawing up of family pacts or wills, up to the drawing up of prenuptial agreements or donations.

Moccia Notary’s Office offers notary’s advice and assistance in the following fields:

Moccia Notary’s Office offers its professionalism, seriousness and expertise in each of these fields.

Moreover, our young and efficient staff are always at your service to help you fulfil any notary’s formalities.

Make an appointment now with our offices in Impruneta or Florence to obtain customised notary’s advice.

Moccia Notary’s Office also offers notary’s services to Public Entities, in addition to advice and the drafting of notary’s deeds and documents.