Corporate Crises

A corporate crises is a very delicate moment to be assessed and faced with clarity of mind and attention, in order to identify the most suitable, least traumatic yet appropriate and necessary solutions in the shortest possible time.


Indeed, a corporate crises need not always lead to a company’s liquidation: alternative solutions can often be put in practice, allowing for the settlement of problems or a change in the company’s legal reality.

Crisi Aziendale - Consulenza Notaio Moccia

Moccia Notary’s Office, with offices in Florence and Impruneta, offers its expertise and extensive experience also in the field of corporate crisis settlement: from the deeds required to dissolve a company, with or without going into liquidation, to the possible sale and rental of the company or its business branches, or of its stocks or shares.

Notary Public Moccia offers advice and assistance, both personally and through her staff of expert collaborators, in the drawing up of all deeds and contracts aimed at settling corporate crises and reaching your goals as soon as possible.


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Notary Public Pia Moccia works in the areas of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.


Moccia Notary’s Office offers services also for the establishment of undertakings or for any financing.