The family is defined by law in both patrimonial and relational terms: for instance, the law deals with the rights and duties of married couples, of couples toward their children, or with the relationship between relatives and cohabitants.


A Notary Public can help families in several respects: from the choice of the spouses’ matrimonial arrangement(community or separation of property), to the planning of succession issues related to a family’s wealth, to the protection of minors and the incapacitated, also in relation to the new rules on tutors.


Moccia Notary’s Office offers assistance in relation to any issue falling within the scope of family law: from the chosen property regime (community or separation of property) to alimony obligations between relatives; from the administration of the assets of minors or the incapacitated, to entrepreneurial activities conducted jointly by spouses or the rights of cohabitants.

The most frequent notary’s deeds in the field of Family Law are prenuptial agreements, among which the separation of property stands out.
If this option is not chosen at the time of the marriage, the community of property regime automatically applies. To dissolve such community, you need to refer to a Notary Public.


Notary Public Pia Moccia also helps its clients prepare concrete instruments to protect any type of family arrangement: from the conventional one based on marriage, to unmarried couples, which are increasingly frequent and in need of legal protection, thanks to the signing of cohabitation contracts.

Lastly, Notary Public Pia Moccia deals with all issues relating to inheritance and succession, starting from the drafting of wills.


Moccia Notary’s Office helps its clients understand the various provisions of law that apply to single cases, suggesting the most suitable solutions to regulate relations between spouses, to operate correctly toward children or the incapacitated.