Moccia Notary’s Office, in Florence, Pistoia and Prato, has been offering for years all types of notary’s services to its clients, which are designed to ensure, pursue and achieve the interests of the parties involved in the signing of deeds, in the drafting of contracts and in the preparation of documents.


In general, Moccia Notary’s Office offers its services in connection with the following issues:

  • Drawing up of contracts (sale and purchase, exchange, division and donation, loan, leasing and financing contracts)
  • Establishment of partnerships, corporations and non-profit organisations and corresponding changes (sales of stocks or shares, minute-taking for General Assembly meetings, changes to Shareholders’ Agreements, share capital increases/reductions, transformations, mergers and demergers, business transfers, sales and leases of companies and business branches)
  • Drawing up of wills and inheritance procedures in general
  • Drawing up of trusts, family pacts, prenuptial agreements in general and cohabitation contracts
  • Advice on all the issues listed above and thus on all civil, company, family and tax sectors connected with the above issues.


Specifically, Notary Public Pia Moccia offers her professional services in the following fields:


From sale/purchase contracts and loan contracts up to the drawing up of wills, cohabitation agreements and any other deed pertaining to the family and private sector.



From the establishment of a company or consortium to the modification of Bylaws up to the dissolution of a company in crisis; from the sale of business branches or companies to advice on financing: these are only some of the notary’s services offered by Moccia Notary’s Office.

Notary Public Pia Moccia is a qualified expert conciliator in company law and thus offers her clients both her technical knowledge and her experience gained in the field.


Moccia Notary’s Office also deals with conventions, deeds of obligation and contracts with Public Entities.


Moccia Notary’s Office offers advice, assistance and draws up public deeds in all the areas of private law: from those relating to personal issues, the family and inheritance issues, to real estate and contractual activities in general, from corporate procedures to any related tax issues.
In addition, all procedures relating to petitions and/or claims to be submitted to the Courts and the Public Administration are examined and taken care of.


To meet our clients’ needs, Moccia Notary’s Office offers its professional services also at their home: a service that allows our clients to meet the Notary Public wherever it suits them best, at no additional cost, when clients are unable to visit our offices.

Notary Public Pia Moccia ensures the highest level of professionalism in the supply of all notary’s services.

Moreover, the presence of young, qualified and always updated staff using the latest technology, allows the Office to perform its services and fulfil all corresponding obligations timely and accurately.