A loan is defined by art. 1813 of the Italian Civil Code as the “contract with which a party delivers to another a specific amount of money or other interchangeable things, and the other party undertakes to return as many things of the same type and quality”.
The contract that is most frequently applied is that entered into with Banks or Banking Institutes.


A loan comes with various clauses which, despite not always being immediately understandable, are necessary to regulate the relationship between the parties in the course of its expected duration: the mode of payment of the loan, the terms for repayment of the principal and interest, the setting of contract management costs, the regulation of and costs for early repayment, the provision and maintenance of guarantees, the consequences of relative default (delays) and absolute default (non-payment).

Banks provide some advice and specific information must even be provided under law. However, they may be in a conflict of interests with their customer.

Therefore, it is important to be advised by an independent party. That is why more and more people resort to their Notary Public to this end.


Lo Moccia Notary’s Office can help you in the execution of any type of loan or financing contract, providing basic guidelines for your conscious decision.

Although you need to contact a Bank for a loan, with the latter providing information on the operation as well as the “summary document” of the loan, it will be the Notary Public to check the legality and validity of the contract and assume responsibility toward the Bank in relation to the ownership and free title of the property to be offered as security, to check the existence of any oppressive clauses to the client’s detriment, and to prevent fraud to the detriment of the Bank or clients.


With her experience and skills, Notary Public Pia Moccia can advise borrowers in this respect, suggesting the most suitable solutions and always ensuring the perfect contractual balance.


It is useful to know that the borrower is entitled to choose the Notary Public, since it is the borrower that is required to bear the corresponding costs. Tax and legal advice for loan execution is “included in the price” of the deed, so it is provided at no additional charge to the amount payable for the loan.

Make an appointment now with our offices in Florence or Impruneta: Notary Public Pia Moccia will give you the best advice on the execution of your loan contract!

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