Public Entities

Servizi Notarili per Enti Pubblici

The functions of a Notary Public include the drawing up of deeds that are entered into with Public Entities, whether directly or indirectly, as well as the supply of advice to the Public Administration.


Moccia Notary’s Office has been supplying this type of services for years, to the benefit of Public Entities and Public Administrations requesting them.


The notary’s deeds and documents we take care of include:

Deeds of obligation

it is a deed with which a party undertakes to maintain a certain conduct toward the Public Administration or, more generally, third parties.


An agreement between two or more parties (natural persons, entities, countries, etc.) with which they regulate matters of common interest. The conventions we draw up include also town-planning and/or building conventions.

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Moccia Notary’s Office offers services also to private persons and undertakings, in addition to  advice and the drawing up of deeds and documents.