Establishment of Undertakings

The foundation of a company is an important moment in your life: it often puts in practice a dream or project that will accompany a large part of your life.


For this reason, it is important for the first steps to be carried out in the best possible way, choosing first of all the right type of undertaking to launch: from joint stock companies to associate firms, from limited liability companies to start-ups or associations and foundations, there are many different types of undertakings that can be created.


The choice mostly depends on the type of business to be pursued and on the conditions offered by the regulatory and institutional framework in which the undertaking will be set up.


This is why it is important to contact in advance a trusted Notary Public who can explain in detail the range of potential options available to help you choose the best one for you.

Moccia Notary’s Office has helped many undertakings over the years to develop and grow in the business world, assessing together their nature, form and objectives, offering advice also on tax allowances and financing to undertakings.

As a result of the new rules on company establishments (enacted in 2000), waiting times for the launch of an undertaking have been reduced: nowadays, companies can start doing business right from the day of the issue of the notary’s deed.


Rapidity is often a crucial factor: this is why Moccia Notary’s Office has a staff of professionals who, thanks also to the latest technology, are able to provide for the corresponding procedures and formalities in short times.


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Moccia Notary’s Office offers services also for financing to undertakings or corporate crisis!